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At Coram Deo Classical Academy, we believe the ultimate purpose of all education is to know God. It is our desire to guide our students into a Christian worldview and equip them to think logically and communicate effectively in order to influence the world for Christ. We believe the best way to do this is by using a Christ-centered classical approach to education.

A Christ-centered education starts from the concept that all truth is God’s truth. No idea, concept or subject matter can be fully understood unless it is related to the God who created it. Therefore, God is not just discussed in Bible classes but also in history, literature, math and science classes. For example, a book assigned in literature class may be discussed in light of biblical values, man’s sinful nature, or God’s redemptive grace.  The goal of this approach is to teach students a biblical worldview or understanding of the universe in which we live.‚Ä®‚Ä®Another important aspect of Christian education is that it is the right and responsibility of the parents, not the government or the church, to educate their children. Though they may delegate some authority to a school, the parents maintain the responsibility for training their children in the way they should go. That job does not end when the student is dropped off at the door of the school.


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